Athena and Telemachus

Telemeters Athena, the Grey eyed goddess. Is one of those women in The Odyssey whose role is so important. She is the goddess of wisdom, who helps Telemeters on a journey to bring his father back home. Athena goes to Odysseus son to put courage in him. She doesn’t show her true self to humans; instead Athena disguises herself on three different occasions. She appeared as Odysseus friend Mantes, when she approached Telemeters. When Athena touches down Ithaca he is immediately spotted by Telemeters, who was sitting unhappy among the suitor.

Free-will is greatly used been Athena and Telemeters, when she is persuading him to find his father. Athena says, “If I were you, should take these steps to make these men disperse,” [Homer, 320]. Here Athena is trying to get Telemeters to realize that it’s time for his father to come to Ithaca, and he has to get the suitors out of his home. In The Odyssey Telemeters is portrayed as a boy who has to grow up, he needs to find the courage and guidance to find his father, Athena is Telemeters’ voice he is the one who helps give this courage to him.

The Odyssey give you more of an external view of the characters, it doesn’t really expose their inner thoughts or feelings. Meadowland by, Louise Cluck demonstrates Telemeters’ true feelings for his father. ‘When was younger felt sorry for myself compulsively; in practical terms, had no father; my mother lived at her loom hypothesizing her husband’s erotic life;” [Meadowland, Telemeters’ Kindness, 24]. Here a Whole different side of Telemeters is being identified. In Meadowland Telemeters is angry at his parents, he pity them.

This quote from Telemeters’ Kindness shows the anger he has towards his father for leaving. He feels as if he had no childhood because he never had a father figure in his life. Penelope sorrowed over Odysseus absence, instead of marrying one of the suitors and give Telemeters a father figure, someone to look to, Penelope often fantasies about her husband life and what he is doing while he is gone, She would loom every night to stall the suitors, keep from marrying them.

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