Athena and Odysseus

The beginning of the book it was told that Athena likes Odysseus, she has a crush on Odysseus, and Athena is admiring to Odysseus, even though she knows that Odysseus only loves his wife and he does not interesting to any other female, but still asking her father (Father of Gods) if she can help Odysseus to return home, so Odysseus can meet his wife and family safely.

In chapter thirteen, according to the conversation between Athena and Odysseus the author has disclose the relationship between Athena and Odysseus, also it has explain in which talent from Odysseus had attracted Athena, gay looking at this lot, it gives more information to understand more about the personality of Athena and Odysseus, According to the plot of chapter thirteen, author has giving much information about how does Athena helps Odysseus.

Before Odysseus gets back to his land, Ithaca, under Ethane’s name, Physician’s nobles had proved foods, clothes and many other treasure-troves, and this is arranged by Athena herself, she helps Odysseus to gets all the martial that Odysseus needs for his travel. When Odysseus gets back to his land, Ithaca, she showered the mist over Odysseus, in order to protect Odysseus from her uncle Poseidon god of earthquake).

Next even Odysseus awake from deep sleep, Athena appear in front Of Odysseus, but transform into a young man and had conversations with Odysseus, try to hints Odysseus that he already back to his own land. Also Athena helps Odysseus to hide the treasure-troves, arrange the plan and tells Telemeters (son of Odysseus) that Odysseus returned to Ithaca so they can take average to all suitors and get back their family and their land. During the conversations it shows that Athena appreciating Odysseus intelligent. “Any man. NY god who met you – would have to be some champion lying cheat to get sat you for all -round craft and guile! You terrible man, foxy, ingenious, never tired of tidbits and trice so, not even here, on native soil, would you give up those wily tales that warm the cockles of your heart!! “(329-334) “Anyone else, come back from wandering long and hard would have hurried home at once, delighted to see his children and his wife, Oh, but not you, it’s not your pleasure to probe tort news theme- you must put your Witt to preposterously! (378-382) In this two quotes it looks like Athena is scolding Odysseus tricky, but think this is another ay that Athena appreciate Odysseus intelligence, Ethane’s real meaning is Odysseus is very smart, his intelligence is beyond most of human on the earth and most of god from Greek. After looking at how Athena helps and love to Odysseus, I would like to take a look at how Odysseus think of Athena by getting help from Athena. When the moment that Odysseus knows Athena is standing in front Of him, his very first reaction is to blame that Athena ‘You were kind to me in the war years, so long as we men of Ache soldiered on at Troy.

But once we’d sacked King Prism’s craggy city, boarded ship, and god dispersed the fleet, from hen on, daughter of Zeus, never saw you, never glimpsed you striding along my decks to ward Off some disaster” (356-363) Odysseus blames that Athena disappeared and did not helps him when Poseidon dispersed him and their man, then his next reaction is distrust every word that Athena made to him before ” But now I beg you by your almighty fathers name … Or can’t believe I’ve reached my sunny Ithaca, must be roaming around one more exotic land. You’re mocking me, know it, telling me tales to make me lose my way. Tell me the truth now, have really reached the land lover (368-373)Odysseus thinks Athena is lying to IM and is playing him as a fool; he wants Athena to tell him the truth. After Athena explains Odysseus his son’s situation, Odysseus had blame Athena again not tell him the truth? You know it all.

Or is he too- like father, Like son- condemned to hardship, roving over the barren salt sea while stranger devour our livelihood right Odysseus had blame Athena that she doesn’t help his son Telemeters and let Telemeters knows that he has returned to Ithaca earlier, so Telemeters doesn’t need to have any hard time, By looking that the contacts between Athena and Odysseus from their conversation, can easily define the personality of Athena and Odysseus.

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