Astronomy is the science of the celestial bodies.Examples of celestial bodies are the sun, moon, planets, stars, galaxies, and all other objects in the universe.Astronomy may be the oldest recorded science.In 2300 BC, Chinese astronomers made their earliest recorded observations, yet thefirst true astronomers were the Greeks, who figured out that earth was a sphere.Pythoragoras figured out that the earth was a sphere.
On a regular day, an astronomer has many duties.There is a stereotypical view of an astronomer looking through telescopes, yet they barely ever do because most of the data they need is already in hand.They actually study the content of databases that have previously collected satellite data.Writing computer programs about this information, displaying satellite data so it is easier to understand is one of the main things they do.Once the data is written clearly, astronomers can use it to look for new hints to extraterrestrial composition.Many times a year, they may write letters to NASA asking for money to pay their salary, along with money for grants and research.
To be an astronomer, you need many educational requirements.You should take all things that physics majors take in college.You need to know a lot of math, specifically algebra and calculus.All of the advanced math courses for physicists and engineers should be taken.Skills in physics are very important because as one astronomer said, “There is no such thing as not taking enough physics if you want to be an astronomer.”The work that you do in these courses should be at least B-level work, also.Only 100 PHDs are given out each year, although so many people are interested in the stars.
Various types of equipment are used, but the computer is the most common.Mainframes, workstations, PCs, telephones, Faxes, calculators, and lab notebooks are mainly the only things that are used other then computers.

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