How Do Stars Form?
A star begins its life as a large and comparatively cool mass of gas.The contraction of this gas and the subsequent rise of temperature continues until the inside temperature of the star reaches about 1,000,000° C.The atoms move faster and that is what causes the star to gain its heat and for the temperature to rise.At this point a nuclear reaction takes place in which the nuclei of hydrogen atoms combine with heavy hydrogen deuterons form the nucleus of the inert gas helium.The later reaction frees large amounts of nuclear energy, and the further contraction of the star probably has stopped.When the release of energy from the deuteron-hydrogen nucleus reaction ends, contraction begins and the temperature of the star increases again until it reaches a point at which a nuclear reaction can occur between hydrogen and lithium and other light metals present in the body of the star.Again energy is released and contraction stops.When the lithium and other light materials are consumed contraction resumes, and the star is fully developed.

What Is The Importance Of Stars?

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Stars contribute greatly to the solar system and on earth. The main purpose of stars is to provide light.In space there are a group of different solar systems and each star provides light for their solar system. Stars are not only to make wishes on and look at during night they provide the earth with light not only at night but during the day too.Although it may seem as they only provide us with light at night because that’s when they are most visible, the sun, which is also a star gives us light during the day and provides us with heat.Stars provide us with light as a result of nuclear reactions inside of them. Without stars the earth would not be able to function because there would be no light or heat so humans would not be able to survive and plants would not be able to grow.
What Does The Colour Tell About the Star?

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