Astrology has been around 2300 BC (). Philosophers and Astrologers wheeled their lives around man and star relations. Astrology started of how the sun, moon, planets, and stars, are supposedly related to life events (). The key word supposedly. Astrology is nothing more than a psychological addiction of beliefs in the zodiac, horoscope and signs. The possibility that the stars can tell the future of a person is a hoax, the belief that the influences of the heavenly bodies and the practice of diving events from the astronomical observations (). Back in the Roman Empire time astrology made its way into observation of future predictions of roman emperors, through out time astrologers took scientific principles and placed them into the understanding that every person has one future. Now in modern day time astrology found its way away from the stars and to the newspapers. Planets, stars, and weather, there is no answer or related suspicions that the heavenly body and celestrial phenomenon can determine the way people act, and speak. Astrology came as a religion you can believe or disbelieve.
Astrology made its way around the world in its own way. It originated in ancient Babylonia, although records only were dated back to 2500 BC. In china was the earliest record of any astrology dating back to 2300 BC. Greek astrology arose about the same time and then India astrology came to be. It was claimed that astrology came to be because of Greek contact (). Astrology spread much like a religion consuming astrologers in every country making of it what they could.
During the 2500 BC astrology became a form of prediction, staring in china (). This was the start of the early days of the impact on the modern day entertainment. Rulers of countries took their fate and placed it in the hands of astrology. It would predict their fate and the fate of their country, weather it be war, peace, famine, or plenty ().
Once astrology reached Rome durin…

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