Astrology is the study of supposed planetary influence on human affairs. It is a powerful art that can enhance our lives by enable us to co-operate with the energies within and around us. But it is also a dangerous art and can easily be misused.
Many dangers can derive from astrology. A scientist states, "How much physical and psychological damage such false astrological predications and advice cannot even be estimated."
Astrological predication can cause people to do things that they would never had done, sometimes this can lead to tragedy. Under the circumstances when people desperately aspire a shortcut and solutions to their problems, a particular predication can have a powerful influence upon a person and can lead to criminal acts. Dr Koch observes, "Astrology has been responsible for a number of suicides and murders." For example a woman aborted her baby because an astrologer predicated that the child might be born mentally retarded. In ancient times women would kill by drowning their babies who were born under the sign of Scorpio because of the evil significance.
Often people who seek for help from astrologers are dependent on the astrologers to make decisions for them. They loose their own state of mind and will no loner make any decisions withoutfirst consulting their gurus. This can lead to diffidence and perpetual psychological dependence.
If there were any place in which astrology promotes sin, it would be the area of sexual behaviour. In astrology, there is no concern with regards to AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Jeff Green provides an example of women who is deeply troubled by her immoral sexual behaviour. She discovered from her astrologer that she was free to enjoy sexual affairs without any guilt by making them spiritual. How did the astrologer obtain this info? It was simply based on the position of Pluto and Mars.
Astrologer observes chart indicators for bisexua

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