Astrology, as any other kind of predicting the future, always attracted people, curious in their nature, and nowadays when practitioners are present in any country of the world it is popular as never before. Some assert that astrology is good for those who have troubles by giving them comfort and certainty of the coming events. Others argue that this science is very accurate and is useful for anyone since it helps to conduct oneself right, especially for rich whose rates are considerably higher. But the question stays the same: Does astrology deserve to be called science, or is it just a popular myth rather suitable to believe in?
Officially, astrology is considered to be "the theory that the movements of the celestial bodies-the stars, the planets, the sun, and the moon-influence human affairs and determine the course of events… One’s horoscope is a map of the heavens at the time of one’s birth, showing the position of the heavenly bodies in relation to the 12 houses or signs through which they pass (zodiac) and their positions in relation to each other." (Astrology, par 1) For plain men, it's just the way to get a forecast for the close future. Daily horoscopesare especially popular, but it's just a part of the “dog and pony show” side of astrology. They exist to attract mass attention and earn money more regularly. In the case of average person, if the daily horoscopes did not exist, he/she would never find out about the existence of such a science as astrology, and would spend his life not even trying to predict the coming day.
Among other reasons, astrology is well-liked because it's a science about the sky, which reminds religion very much. God in most religions of the world is often placed in the heavens, too. And since religious people nowadays make up the majority, it partly explains why this way of prediction is fashionable now. And this fashion is sometimes used for selfish ends, providing fa…

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