During the presentation the speaker, Baruch Blumberg spoke on the aspects of Astrobiology.If one doesn't know who Blumberg is he is a scientist that research infectious diseases and came up with a treatment for the Hepatitis B virus. As he spoke on this subject he also talked about what happened to the NASA aircraft that exploded above the earth's atmosphere.He said that the aircraft STS 107 was on a scientific mission.Also, there were craters shown and that they have compared thecraters to that of the planet Mars.
Blumberg also gave me a different aspect to look at towards biology.My main goal through life was to get my Bachelor degree, PH.D and myM.D.But he made me look at I can do more than just be a doctor.The speech that was given made me look at the many parts of biology.It made me think that I can go to school to be a doctor and at the same time I can do research that might one day change the life of many people.
In conclusion, this research of astrobiology can discover things that people might can use.One day astrobiology might have new technologies that can detect what pollution has done to the atmosphere and what effect that it is having on the people and other living things on the earth.Astrobiology is a field that now I would like to know more about and the different things that go on in this field of study.On day there will be people that love to do research about this subject.

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