Asthma tops childhood illnesses

Social class dominates our society in a gargantuan amount of ways.Its effects are felt in nearly every aspect of our lives.It's an unfortunate scenario, because an individual and his or her family seems to be measured by the house they live in or the clothes they wear.A person's income is a basis for how they are judged by others, but there are also other issues when comparing people who live in low income housing versus high income housing.Due to the large number of issues that occur in low income housing health has become a huge dilemma for everyone who is subjected to these poor conditions.It's an unfortunate occurrence, but it's another problem that people with low income has to deal with it constantly.However, individuals and families who have a high income deal with some of these problems, but not on as much of a regular basis as the poorer families.The bottom line is social class affects how healthy you and your children will be.If you are part of a low social class it doesn't necessarily make you an unhealthy person, but the risk is much greater when you compare a person of a low social class to the risk of a person in a mid to high level social class.The research and statistics that have been acquired in these studies will prove that your social class can certainly determine the amount of health risk one has just by knowing their income level.
Asthma is the most common illness among children in the New England region.It affects one out of every eight children in the northeast region known as New England.This study that was performed showed that more than 400,000 children currently have this condition in New England.The study also proved that the lower household incomes had the higher percentage of children with asthma.The poor housing proved to have many factors that brought on this disease."With everything from leaky roofs to cockroach droppings blamed for a diseas…

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