Some people believe that asteroids will be the end of the world. But for now more than 100,000 asteroids belong to the asteroid belt. These asteroids are small bodies of rock. They are believed to be left over from an earlier solar system about 4.6 billion years ago. Most of the asteroids lay between Mars and Jupiter, which is where the asteroids belt also is located. The asteroids have been thoroughly examined over the years by NASA's astronomers.
Other galaxies contain many other asteroids. Asteroids serve a special purpose to our galaxy by telling us about the creation of our very own solar system and galaxy. Since our universe is expanding the orbit of asteroids can change. While the asteroids are orbiting we can see if in the future we need to do something about the continuing threat of one coming to close or even surpassing the dissipating ozone layer and atmosphere. The asteroid belt is actually very far away from us, but the closest encounter of an asteroid was 777,000 k.m. The name of this close encountering asteroid was Hermes, named after the Greek god.
There are hundreds of myths about asteroids and the asteroid belt. There is a myth that the Trojan asteroid belt was once a planet that blew up into tiny and big pieces of rock making the Trojan asteroid belt. Also some scientists believe that in approximately 1 million years the larger asteroids will possibly collide with our planet or other planets in our solar system, causing catastrophic damage.
Did you know that asteroids over 1,000 k.m. are considered to be semi-planets. Also scientists believe that every single asteroid had to of broke off another planet forming today's asteroid belt. This is said to be the most proven right theory to become a law of science. Today one of the most best preserved examples of an asteroids is a Barringer Meteor Crater near Winslow, Arizona. This proves that while an asteroids is coming at the earth it starts to br

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