assisted suicide

Assisted suicide has been around for a very long time. ever since man could be impaired physically or mentally. People with life treating illnesses have had to deal with law after law. Bills, laws, and proposals take a long time to put together and enforce. The political standpoint is a little on the week side. Being such a sensitive subject, politicians have to choose whether they are for it or against it. Medical insight is just as elusive as the governments stand on the situation. With the pro and con groups split at about 5050.
Assisted suicide is also called the right to die movement. The courts ruled that the constitution did not guarantee an individual’s “right to die.” According to some patients, and patient’s family, and the doctor. Assisted suicide is simply a goal to help end some peoples suffering.
If a patient feels he/she is deteriorated to the point of misery or meaninglessness. The government entity or medical facility should not force that person to go on living. Some examples of people suffering: Barbara Oskamp, a retired Oregon teacher, with an inoperable brain tumor. She believes that she should not have to suffer a death that is prolonged, painful, and undignified (“issues and controversies”). James Poe is a retired sale representative who suffers from emphysema and heart failure. Mr. Poe is in the terminal phase of his illness and wants to stop his suffering by taking prescribed drugs. Jane Roe is a retired pediatrician who has suffered since 1988 from cancer, which has metastasized throughout her entire skeleton. Bedridden since June of 1993, Miss Roe expresses constants sharp and very sever pain when she moves. She also would like to die by taking prescribed drugs. How could someone tell this poor suffering human being that she must live her painful life on earth. There are thousands of people just like these suffering from terminal illnesses, who desire to end their lives. Families in

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