Asexual Propagation Lab Report

Most people are unaware, but there is a way to actually produce a virtually identical twin of a plant without reproduction and without purchase of seeds or another plant.The process is know as Asexual Propagation and can be used to manipulate your garden or greenhouse.The process involves the use of cuttings from the original plant in order to propagate another plant asexually, or without the use of reproduction.
There are certain materials that are necessary in order to complete Asexual Propagation.These materials are one plastic flat, potting media, hand clippers, a ruler, peat cups, and the following plants:Hibiscus/Hibiscus roseus (1 tip, 1 stem), Vicks Plant/Plectranthus tomentosa (1 tip, 1 stem), Spider Plant/Chlorophytum comosum (1 cutting), Umbrella Plant/Cyperus alternifolius (2 cuttings), Snake Plant/Sansevieria trifasciata (6 cuttings), Peperomia/Peperomia obtusifolia (1 cutting), Jade/Crassula argentea (2 stem, 1 leaf), Weeping Fig/Ficus benjamina (1 tip, 1 stem), Mother of Thousands/Byrophyllum spp. (1 plantlet), Lantana/Lantana camerii (1 tip, 1 stem), Wandering Traveler/Zebrina pendula (2 tips, 2 stems), Begonia/Begonia semperflorens (1 tip, 1 stem), Swedish Ivy/Plectranthus australis (1 tip, 1 stem).
*Note:Tip cuttings were taken below any node of a section that still contained and apical meristem; whereas, the stem cuttings were taken below a node of a section that no longer contained an apical meristem.Leaf cuttings were taken at the point at which the petiole joins the stem, and plantlets
There were a number of methods that were taken during the Asexual Propagation experiment.First of all, we took the appropriate cuttings of the aforementioned plants using the hand clippers.Secondly, we prepared the potting media inside the plastic flat.Next, we planted the cuttings inside the flat.Three of the Snake Plant cuttings were planted upside down, and one of the Umbrella plant cuttings was also…

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