Artificial Intelligeny

Currently there is a lot of research going on in the field of Artificial Intelligence.The Artificial Intelligence research is not only to create robots, but to really understand what intelligence is, and at the same time understand the way our human brain thinks and works.Inevitably this research will lead to the creation of some very smart robots that will think and act much like humans do.When we say Artificial Intelligence we mean something that is able to make some sort of decisions provided some given data.And artificial intelligence does not necessarily have to be a robot or anything like it.A computer chess program is a perfectly legitimate example of Artificial Intelligence.
Today most of the people not in the field of computers or electronics have a totally different idea of what Artificial Intelligence is.When people hear Artificial Intelligence they automatically think of robots such as the ones in movie the Terminator.People have this crazy idea of robots taking over the world which is not entirely true.
If Artificial Intelligence really existed the way people think about Artificial Intelligence, then the world would be a totally different place.Assuming that there were intelligent robots or machines that were absolutely no different than humans, what would we do?Considering them as humans; giving them the same rights and privileges as we do to humans would be a hard thing to do.Discriminating and separating them from us would also be hard since they feel the same way, and love the same way.Again assuming that robots will love the same way humans do since theoretically speaking if carbon is capable of creating feelings so will silicon.
First of all, why would humans discriminate against robots or Artificial Intelligence in general?There are several reasons why humans would.Robots will be immortal which would make their population grow faster, and over long periods of time they will be more r…

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