Article Review

Article Review #1: Relational Aggression and Social-Psychological Adjustment in a College Sample
My article review was done on an article written by Nicole Werner and Nicki Crick. The article was based on an experiment they did, which was on aggression and social-psychological adjustment in a college sample. The reason they decided to an experiment based on the college sample is, because they feel the necessary research had already been done on the youth and people in their early adolescence. They felt the strong urge to test the theories on the older adolescent.
They did the study to try to understand aggression in a couple of different ways. Thefirst was to see if the already existing research on younger adolescents could be targeted for older adolescents as well. The study was also a test to get over some limitations that had been present in prior studies. They overcame these limitations by constructing a peer nomination instrument.This was used on small intimate groups of people in the hope that the group would know more about other persons in the group. Another objective they wanted to reach was to see if aggression and social-psychological adjustment had anything to do with age group, young adults. The third objective was to see the difference in gender when it came to aggression and social-psychological adjustment. Werner and Crick were also looking for clues to eating habits linked to aggression and social-psychological adjustment.
To find out all of their objectives Werner and Crick gathered 225 undergraduate students from large midwestern universities. All 225 members of the group were either in a fraternity or sorority. While 55% of the group were females, 94% of the group were European Americans.They would gather the groups in a room. Have them fill out the consent forms and then the experiment would begin. The peer nomination sheet was thefirst thing to be filled out. This is where they would put other p…

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