I am doing my report on Arrhythmia.It affects the cardiac
muscle, the heart.Arrhythmia causes three types of problems.It
causes the heart to pump too slowly (bradycardia), it causes the heart
to pump too fast (tachycardis), andit causes the heart to skip beats
Bradycardia can be very serious.Some of the symptoms are
loss of consciousness, heart failure, or death.Slow heart rates are
caused by heart block.The hearts natural pace-maker fails to be
conducted to the ventricles, the hearts main pumping chambers.
Some treatments can be used.An electronic pace-maker can be
inserted and it will send electronic impulse to the heart stimulating it
to beat at a normal rhythm.Pace-makers are only inserted when the
Tachycardis can also be very serious.It can lead to disabling
symptoms and even death.When you have Tachycardis your heart
rate is above 100 beats per minute.Tachycardis is caused by heart
injuries from past times. Tachycardis usually occurs months or years
after a heart attack.A treatment for Tachycardis can be inserting a
device called a defibrillator.A defibrillator will detect and treat
abnormally fast heart rhythms.The defibrillator monitors the heart
and automatically gives electric shocks before Arrhythmia causes
permanent damage.If the person does not have a defibrillator a
strong electric shock will be given.The cause of Tachycardis is by
something not functioning properly in the atria.They are sometimes
stimulated by anxiety.Too much caffeine or alcohol and certain
drugs can also be the cause.Attacks might last a few minutes or
several days.They can be serious and sometimes not serious.
Palpitations happen when your heart skips beats.Palpitations
have many different symptoms.Some of these symptoms are
dizziness, fatigue or fainting as a result of the brain not getting

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