Arnold For Governor

American Governor.In my opinion this should be an extremely serious position.I would think that an American Governor being head of state is likely a stronger and more demanding position than that of a Provincial Premier in this country.In other words this is a very serious elected position.Not a position for someone without experience, management capability, or strong business acumen.
Consider that the Premier of Ontario is responsible for the affairs of the Province of Ontario and has been elected to handle and direct the people and economy of Ontario. By the way Ontario has only about ten million people.Now understand that the state of California has over fifty million people this is a very serious economy and needs very serious attention paid to it. As a matter of fact the State of California is the fifth largest economy in the world.
All I can tell you is that I don't think the American voters really understand themselves how serious the position, Governor of California, really is. You would think that the elected Governor of California, would have received the confidence of the voters of California by serving the people in the state, over a period of years. The elected individual would gainexperience as he filled various positions, and or mandates in the state. In other words one would think that the Governorship of the State of California would be held by a rock solid business person, with a tremendous understanding of the social and economic needs of the people of that state.
It seems that this is not necessarily the case. It appears that the road to the Governorship of California is more of a popularity contest than a process to elect an official that has all the correct qualifications to manage the business of running the State of California. It seems to me ridiculous to think that the "Terminator" Arnold Schwarzenegger has enough experience to handle this position. I am not saying that

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