Armegedon, Science Fiction or a Reality

Someday a "Cosmic Catastrophe" such as a giant asteroid colliding with the earth may destroy the world we live in. Scientists believe that about 65 million years ago, an asteroid hit the earth, causing the extinction of the dinosaurs.
One-summer night astronomers noticed a new "giant asteroid" soaring through space. After some quick calculating, they discovered that the asteroid was heading straight for earth! As it gets closer to earth, the giant asteroid is getting brighter and brighter, and now it outshines everything in the sky.
The giant asteroid enters the earth's atmosphere destroying the ozone layer as it rockets towards the earth's surface. Next, it slams into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Virginia. The collision shakes the earth violently, causing worldwide "catastrophic earthquakes." The giant meteorite (an asteroid that collides with earth) gouges out a 100-mile wide crater that is 25 miles deep. The explosive impact of the meteorite into the ocean creates "mile high tidal waves" that gush across the continents, destroying everything in their paths.
Fires break out everywhere, spreading quickly around the world. The fires create a thick black ring of smoke that chokes the earth's atmosphere. Sunlight does not get through the smoke for more than a year. The "acid rains" finally extinguish the fires, and the smoke starts to clear.
The sun begins to warms the earth, but the ozone layer is gone. The "green house effect" begins. Life as we know it is over. A new chapter on the history of the earth begins. Maybe, or is it the end?

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