Aristotles politics

It's amazing how Aristotle grasped political science so well in the year circa 330 B.C.How well he described democracy, oligarchy, aristocracy, etc. more than 2300 years ago with such precision is quite profound.However, Aristotle's Politics may be a bit hard to understand atfirst, but after understanding, his political views become clear. In Aristotle's Politics many regimes are discussed throughout and classified as good or bad, or as just and unjust.Many regimes succeed and many regimes fail due to governmental and societal structures.If the government is not meeting the needs of the people or society the government may be over-thrown by those who oppose, the same is true for a single ruler.Revolutions, when the people'revolt,' are usually caused when a regime is unjust towards the citizens in the regime.In monarchies, the people may revolt due to a bad ruler, or an unfair ruler.In democracies, the people may revolt because the rich are being treated unfairly, or the citizens' rights are being taken away.In oligarchies, the people may revolt because the poor are being treated unfairly.
First of all, in any regime the citizens must be treated justly and the laws must also be carried out in a just manner.If a certain regime is ruled by a certain set of people, the regime must pay particular attention to the minority otherwise revolution may result causing the downfall of a regime.For example, in a democracy, which is rule by the common or the poor people, they also have to treat the few or the rich justly.In an oligarchy, which is rule of the few or the rich, they have to treat the many or the common people justly.If any regime does not pay attention to the minority, revolution could occur or the regime could turn to tyranny or monarchy.
Secondly, Aristotle compares democracy and oligarchy in books three and four, by not only comparing and contrasting them, but also by …

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