Aristotle and the Natual Slave

Aristotle's concept of the best possible regime has great influence on today's society.The concepts and ideas presented within Politics, relate to current issues pressing family relationships as well as human relations with one another.His belief that the activity of the soul in accordance with virtue and excellence will result in a complete and happy life has been discussed throughout time.Aristotle's best possible regime consists of humans and nature together, within a coexistent environment.Aristotle is successful in describing how the individual can achieve happiness.
This paper will deal with the realities of Aristotle's views regarding freedom and natural slavery.Although he was successful in describing his thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, the discussion lies within the question, "Why do humans lack happiness?"Therefore, by delving into the views of Aristotle, one can deduce the reasons as to why man has trouble finding happiness in the world.
Aristotle was an optimist.This is based on the fact that he believed true human happiness could be achieved.His belief that humans should study the sciences becomes the foundation for the idea that humans could have the potential to be happy.Without learning or retaining knowledge of any kind, the society would not strive to achieve happiness.The desire to learn and the different levels of knowledge required within the society create an awareness to be considered "good."
Aristotle reveals the conditions that are set to achieving this happiness.Only good human beings can be happy, only good laws make good human beings, and only good government makes good laws.These conditions show that society is a never-ending system of checks and balances.If a law is unjust, humans cannot be happy, the government cannot govern.If one part of the system is thrown off, the other parts will suffer as well.
To achieve this happiness,…

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