It’s neat how the universe works.Through out our existence we had our pros and cons.The way we dealt with problems was with or knowledge that we had with our experiences in life, we developed some theories and methods to find the answer to any major questions we had in life.We still have not yet figured every answer to all or problems but every day, every week and every year we are getting closer and closer.What are some of the questions we ask ourselves and what are some of the problems we encountered?Well there is gravity, we never knew that gravity was there.We never had an idea what it was way back, until someone got interested in why things dropped at what speed and why?Also there was friction, what caused things to heat up when they moved along another surface, why it slowed down.To figure out these problems we have scientists or philosophers to help figure these questions out.
Aristotle was born in 384 BC and raised in Stagira in northern Greece.His father was a great physician who had great connections with the Macedonian court, which was maintained by his son Aristotle and by his school, even when he passed it was well preserved and taken care of. It may have been his father’s influence that gave Aristotle a strong interest in anatomy and the structure of living things in general, helping him develop an excellent talent for observations.
In 367, Aristotle went to Athens to join Plato’s Academy,first as a student, then as a teacher. Plato had gathered around him a group of men who worked in a wide variety of subjects, ranging from medicine and biology to mathematics and astronomy. They shared no common doctrine but were united by effort to organize knowledge on a firm theoretical basis and expand it in all directions. This effort, more than anything else, characterizes Aristotle’s work.
It was also part of the Academy’s program to train young men for a political career and to provide advice t

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