Arguments against cannabis legalization


When it comes to discuss the problem of decriminalize or not cannabis, it is natu-ral that the interest is focused on whether or not we should classify cannabis to the same "hard drugs" category among other substances such as heroin. And this dilemma comes from the fact that for most people cannabis is considered as a benign substance com-pared to other drugs such as heroin or LSD. But recent studies and incidents from all over the world came to prove this allegation wrong.
The separation of marijuana from the, so called, "hard drugs" is generally based in four arguments:

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1. Marijuana is not an addictive drug.
The UK Department of Health summed it up neatly: “Cannabis is a weakly addic-tive drug but does induce dependence in a significant minority of regular users.”
Around 9% of users become addicted, although some studies estimate that over 50% of users have “impaired control” over their use of cannabis. Of the 70 million Americas es-timated to have tried the drug, around two million uses it daily which means that 180.000 people are addicted only in the U.S.

besides, if you are a regular cannabis smoker (every day) and you stop smoking, you will experience some of the following withdrawal symptoms: restlessness, irritability, mild agitation, insomnia, nausea, sleep disturbance, sweats, and intense dreams. These symptoms although mild and short-lived, lasting 2 to 4 days are vary similar to those one experiences when one stops using other drugs such as heroin.

2. You cannot die from cannabis' use.
Thefirst death to be registered as having been caused by cannabis toxicity was reported in The Daily Telegraph in 01/18/2004.
“The inquest in Haverfordwest, Wales, heard that Lee Maisey had smoked six cannabis cigarettes a day for eleven years. On August 22nd last year he complained of a headache, and was found dead the next morning.

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