Argumentative Essay on Bioprospecting

Way before technology, doctors, hospitals and healthcare there has always been mans idea of using something to further the human race or make it better. Shamans know hundreds and hundreds of plants that have different uses for different things. Certain animals have also been evolving and making certain defense and protective material that helps them survive. With the materials from both plants and animals humans have been able to cure a cough, help cuts and bruises heal, induce hallucinations, protect from the heat and help fight cancer, but all of these have been discovered buy humans and are used to benefit humans.As technology and the whole global economic market have begun there has been a fight over these plants and animals and whether or not they can be patented and sold to the buying public. This issue of patenting a plant or the active ingredient of the plant or the certain material from a living organism is called bioprospecting.Bioprospecting has been widely debated for many years and is still debated on different levels everyday. It is very important because it has the ability to help out millions and millions of people with certain illnesses and other problems that afflict mankind.A variety of different arguments have been put forward about the moral and ethical status of the issue. This essay will consider arguments that bioprospecting is unethical and immoral and point out some of the problems with these views. It will then present the idea that bioprospecting is good for society and how it can help us out in many different ways.
It has been argued that bioprospecting is unethical because it is taking something natural, patenting it using it for profit.These natural substances, like a plant or organism, should be in the hands of the county it came from and be used in its natural form as the argument states. If they were to be used, the country would indeed to benefit from it and have most of the say in whether…

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