As we all know the government has some sort of control over the people living in the United States and play a role in our every day lives.They give us rules to live by even though we are guaranteed our freedom in the Declaration of Independence.These rules we are expected to live by are said to be for our own good and supposedly keep the citizens in order.I've come to see that some rules make no logical sense such as the prohibition of marijuana. Marijuana was outlawed in 1937 as a repressive measure against Mexican workers who crossed the border seeking jobs during the Depression.The specific reason given for the outlawing of the hemp plant was its supposed violent "affection the degenerate races."
Marijuana has well-organized supporters who campaign for its legalization and promote its use through books, magazines, and popular music.They regard marijuana as not only a recreational drug but also a form of herbal medicine and a product with industrial applications.Marijuana's opponents are equally passionate and far better organized.They consider marijuana a dangerous drug-one that harms the users mental, physical, and spiritual well being, promotes irresponsible sexual behavior, and encourages disrespect for traditional values. Many famous and credible people such as Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein have found the holes in prohibition laws and pointed out the disadvantages of this type of government.This issue has been long debated for reasons I don't understand and the government of the United States needs to see that prohibiting the drug contradicts and violates our rights, influences crime, and does more harm than good.
As human beings I think we should all have the right to decide for ourselves what goes into our bodies.We have to realize that prohibiting any drug denies us of this basic human liberty.In fact, even the people who wrote the Harrison Act and the Marijuana T…

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