Ar-36 36436
Ar-37 37337
Ar-38 38238
Ar-39 39139
Boiling Point:-185.7 °C, 87.3 K, -302.3 °F
Melting Point:-189.5 °C, 83.85 K, -308.74 °F
Physical And Chemical Properties: color less, odor less, crystal structure: cubic, has about the same solubility as oxygen, heat of vaporization: 6.447kJ/mol
How You Get Argon:Argon is isolated by removing nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water form the air.
Where Argon is Found:Argon makes up 1% of the air.
Origin of the Name and Symbol:Argon comes form the Latin word argon and so does the symbol.
Uses:Argon is used for lighting. Mainly in neon lights.It provides an inert atmosphere.Also it is used in "Geiger counters".

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