For my case study on demographic transition I've chosen the well-known country of Argentina, which is located in South America.I decided to conduct my study from 1936 to 1960. For this 25-year period I found all the statistical data which I need to actually complete population growth analysis.
In the demographic transition model of Argentina we can see that the crude birth rate (CBR) is almost always double or higher then the crude death rate (CDR).This allows the natural rate of increase (NRI) to be higher than the CDR.NRI reflects how fast population is growing.
In the demographic transition model of Argentina's CBR per 1000 (blue line) is the highest line relative to the origin.We can see that the line stays very steady from 1936 to 1943, at about 22 to 23 live birth per thousand.In 1944 we see a gradual increases of live birth per thousand.By 1946 the CBR is at one of it highest points.This line fluctuate from 24 to 25 per thousands range for approximately twelve years to 1956 until it gradual decrease to it original state, back to 22 per thousands.The ten to twelve years peak period of CBR helps to increases NRI for Argentina in the mid 40's and into the 50's. (We will see how this effects the NRI later)
The CDR (pink line) is the lowest line in the model.In the beginning of the line (1936) we see the CDR start to rise and reach it highest point at 11 per thousand in 1938.From then on it stay steady at 10 per thousands for nine years.After 1948 we can see the line slowly decreasing to 8 per thousand by 1960.This slow drop in CDR also effected the NRI (which we will see later).
Both CBR and CDR effect how well a country like Argentina population is growing both factors relate to the natural rate of increase.This is the middle line in the model (yellow line).The NRI is determined by subtracting the CBR by the CDR.In the model Argentina's CBR is fairly high and CDR is…

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