Argentina is the second largest country in South America; the population is near 37 million people.The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires. Argentina is a third world nation, which consists of countries on Asia, South America and Africa's continents. The Argentinean area was subject to Spanish neo colonization; being used as a means of economic trade, and also for their natural resources, to benefit Spain and later England.
Before the colonization of Argentina by the Spanish, the inhabitants of the area were nomadic Native Americans, whose population rounded 300,000.Their primary activities were hunting and fishing.When the Spanish found South America and the area that was inhabited by these Native Americans the colonialists destroyed many of the native's indigenous life by warfare and colonial pressure.The pressure consisted of the natives being pushed off their land to far reaches of South America areas the natives were not able to survive in.
Amerigo Vespucci, of Spain,first discovered the area in 1502; he had discovered the land while searching for a southwest route to the Orient.Many that came to the area sought after the abundance of silver that was available.The native's were able to hold off the Spanish settlers with numerous attacks Eventually Spain colonized the area of which is present-day Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and southern Bolivia and established a permanent colony in Buenos Aires in 1580.The Spanish took advantage of the economically strategic location of the east coast port and also the robust amount of cattle that roamed the area.
"In 1776, the Spanish made Buenos Aires a free port and the capital of the Viceroyalty of La Plata (which included present-day Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and southern Bolivia). The city reaped even greater wealth and prestige, but aspirations toward a Greater Argentina dissipated with the British attack

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