Area 51

Groom Lake, Dreamland, and Area 51 are all names describing different portions of a top-secret military base securely hidden in central Nevada.When the name "Area 51" is spoken, extraterrestrial life, atomic bombs, and stealthy aircraft are all things that come to mind.The real question is "what goes on at Area 51?"There are many rumors and speculations about what goes on there, but nobody really knows for sure.
Area 51 was built to the south of a dry lakebed named Groom. The landmass of Area 51 takes up an area of sixty square miles.Nellis is an Air Force Base near Las Vegas, Nevada.The restricted part of the Range totals three million acres.To give you an idea of how big it is, it’s slightly smaller than the state of Connecticut, but larger than Lebanon.Nellis Air Force Base comprises more than a third of the whole Military Operating Area, and as a total, the Nellis Range is eight million acres and is larger than both the country of Belgium and the state of Maryland (UFO Mind.)
Driving along Highway 375 in central Nevada, the desert landscape stretches out as far as the eye can see.This is the ;typical American West,; consisting of wide-open harsh conditions, where only the most rugged can survive.There are no cities here.Towns, if you can call them that, are few and far between.The only sounds that disturb this serene wilderness are coyotes, rattle snakes, and jet aircraft flying overhead.This region is one of the least
densely populated in the United States.It has the largest military range in the US, and is close enough to a major city to commute workers to and from its location by air.For these reasons, Area 51;s location was chosen.
There was one location that one could get a good view of the military base.This is called Freedom Ridge, approximately 12 miles from the core of Area 51 (Area 51 Research Center.)Many people used to drive to Freedom Ridge…

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