Are we alone (aliens)

Yes extraterrestrial life exists. We aren't alone, but what do we really mean by asking are we alone? Are we alone in this earth, or in this universe. The only data point that scientist have acquiredis that if life emerges in a planetary environment it shall be in our own earth and no other.
Life exists everywhere, even in our own earth there is still many places that haven't been discovered. There has been many forged videos who try to imply the existence of extraterrestrial life and at the same time trying to prove the existence of UFO 's .Through out many years, scientist have been trying to search with microscopes to see if their lens can reach those others worlds they have hope in knowing about. Extraterrestrial life refers to life that might exist beyond the Earth's biosphere, on planets in our own solar system or around other stars. For most of this history, "life" has meant intelligence, and the hopes for scientist of obtaining actual data in its existence is not that great.
When talking and asking questions about extraterrestrial life, most likely it becomes a debate within everybody because there is no real facts or information that can prove any of the things we say truth.Although life can exists none of the planets that we know have the supplements they need to keep life in it. As far as we know, ours is the only planet with oxygen, sulfuric-acid, and other chemicals that developed what now is life and intelligence in Earth. The search for extraterrestrial intelligence, undertaken at several observatories around the world, was the ultimate development in the long history of the extraterrestrial-life debate.
In the history of science and culture, the extraterrestrial-life debate is perhaps the best seen as a fundamental shift in word view from the psychical world to the biological universe. While most of the history of science has attempted to demonstrate the role of

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