Arctic Hot Spot

In an article found on MSNBC, the article claimed scientists had found an Arctic Hot Spot, but in reality it was not a hot spot they had found, but just highly active area of the Gakkel Ridge, shown in polar projection map at left, which is just a segment of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.More than likely the phrase hot spot in the title of the article was just a journalistic phrase used to describe a newly discovered highly active region of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, since a majority of the article is about the discovery of 12 highly active underwater volcanoes and some newly discovered hydrothermal vents in the place of what they though would be little volcanic activity.As it is considered the slowest spreading ridge in the world, so the scientists thought as they proceeded north along the ridge the volcanic activity would eventually peter out, but instead they found irregular pockets of volcanic activity instead of a gradual uniform pattern. (Reuters, 2001)
If the article was claiming it to be a hot spot, which is doubtful as they only mentioned it as one once and indirectly another time, then they would be in error.A hot spot in geological terms is a volcanic surface expression of a mantle plume or volcanic manifestations of solid material that rises from deep within the mantle.Usually these hot spots are far from plate boundaries which are why such a hypothesis as hot spots was introduced in thefirst place.It was introduced to explain the why volcanic or aseismic ridges occur in such places as the middle of plates far from plate boundaries.Though it was originally proposed for the aseismic ridges occurring within plates, it has also been proposed to explain the volcanism of Iceland which sits atop the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
Atfirst look one would believe this not to be a hot spot, but if you look at the information from the intense seismic activity of the Gakkel eruption in January of 1999 collected by the USS Hawkbill yo…

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