Arbitrary Geometric Adresses

These are illustrations of the "Spaceship Earth" Epcot building in Florida. This directly reflects complex geometrical properties, for this is a unusually prodigious geodesic dome. The geosphere is 165 feet in diameter, 180 feet high (it stands 15 feet off the ground), encompasses 2,200,000 cubic feet of space, weighs 15.5 million pounds, has an outside surface of 150,000 square feet, and is covered by 11,324-silvered facets on 954 triangular panels. The exterior tiles are made of Alucobond® material, a composite of ethylene plastic which has been chemically bonded between two aluminum panels. The name comes from ALUminum Composite BOND. This material can withstand the Florida climate and is self – cleaning. A specially designed gutter system prevents water from cascading off the sphere; rainwater is channeled through the structure and sent to underground drains, where it replenishes the World Showcase Lagoon. The pilings for Spaceship Earth extend far into the ground. It seems to be under debate at times, but the debated numbers are usually between 110 and 130 feet with a range of 110 to 185 feet.
3D Objects: an investigation on the geometric drawing of 3D objects in space
Orthographic projections of 3D objects is essentially related to a net of a complex 3D object. In other words, look at the illustrations; as you can see, you are given the "nets" of the Front, Side, and Top of a 3D object, and upon adding these together in 3D space, you get the given object. This is not often used in 3D animation, however, in order to be a professional graphics designer, the studying of orthographic projections is exclusively induced.
There are many different types of 3-D drawings. One fairly simple way to get started drawing in 3-D is to try an isometric drawing. An isometric drawing of a cube looks like this:

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