Arab-Israeli conflict

September 11th was one of the main examples on how foreign policy is always changing and in most moments contradicting. Precedingthese attacks, Pakistan had been considered a "rogue nation" . Yet, after this tragedy, America saw the urgency of which they needed Pakistan's alliance in the war on terrorism. Pakistan is bordering Afghanistan, whose government has been blamed for the terrorist attacks. In previous years, as stated before, America had placed Pakistan on the list of "rogue nations". The reason for such action was because of its millenarian dictatorship, and its stubbornness in the conflict over Indian- controlled Kashmir. Another reason for such conflict with Pakistan would be the way that the leader of that nation came into power. General Pervez Musharraf came into power through a military coup in October 1999.
Soon after these attacks Musharraf had suddenly been in favor of the idea to assist in the war on terrorism. This change had been completely unforeseen due to the fact that Pakistan is a Muslim nation and usually these types of nations defend one another. America realized the geographical importance of its support. Pakistan lies bordering Afghanistan and it would serve as a crucial location from which to attack Afghanistan. In order to soften the Pakistani government to bend for the American government was by donating $1.1 billion to help Pakistan solve the problems it has with debt. Also, all sanctions that had been previously placed onPakistan were lifted. The Bush administration also made it clear that assistance from the Pakistani government in the war against terrorism was anticipated. In return, The United States expectedthe Pakistani territory to be accessible to the military. The government also wanted Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate to serve as a connection to the Taliban and to also provide America with information on the whereabouts of the most wa…

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