It is quite natural to be stressed out at work since it happens to
everyone. But at the same time being stressed out by job and suffering from
an anxiety disorder are two different aspects. For instance, stress
activates a hidden disorder, or increases the anxiety that is already being
experienced by an employee (Anxiety Disorders Association of America).
All employers would want an employee with these following qualities:

• All employee exhibit exceptional job commitment

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• Gives complete dedication to details

• Show a high degree of self-sacrifice
Most mental health professionals have the same opinion that it is
often people with these above obsessive qualities that are more prone and
inclined to suffer from panic and anxiety disorder (PAD) (Anxiety Panic
Panic and anxiety disorder show itself in unexpected attacks of
anxiety, including symptoms such as problem in breathing, panic, shaky,
lack of feeling, fast heartbeat and nausea. During any of such attacks, the
employee may either have the fear of having a heart attack or becomes so
besieged by panic that he/she considers forcing himself/ herself to escape
to any such place where he/she feels to be safe (Anxiety Panic Community).
In such cases an employer should try to retain a valuable employee by
reducing the possibility of a workman’s compensation or disability claim as
lack of honesty and openness on either side can be rather damaging in a
business relationship. However, both employers and employees stand the
possible chance of overcoming problems that may arise from panic disorder
if they alert and educate themselves about the condition and correspond in
good faith, according to mental health professionals (Anxiety Panic
Thus, with a range of methods, such as behavioral therapy, medicine
and relaxation techniques, anxiety at wor

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