The primary inhabitants of the North Slope and of the area affected by the debate on ANWR are the Inupiats, also known Eskimos.Throughout history the natives of this land have had debates and arguments ranging from the whaling industry to the current debate on drilling for oil in the ANWR region.The Inupiats have history in this land.They see a fair picture of the cultural, spiritual, and economic importance of this northern Alaska region.The opponents to the Inupiats say that ANWR is "a pristine wilderness, unmarked by human influence."The inhabitants, the Inupiats, have a different vision of ANWR.It is a vision that is neither "untouched nor untouchable." It is their home, as well as the home to the caribou and the fish and birds.The Mayor of the North Slope Borough, George Nasuayaaq Ahmaogak, commented, "I am here to tell you that whatever happens with ANWR affects us.We are the stewards of the land, and if we support a development plan, you can be sure that we have examined it and found it to be sound.Our lives and our livelihood depend on it."The Inupiats see that they are part of this nature.Like the Judo-Christian perspective on nature, they see nature created by God for man.This land that they have inhabited is for their use and domination, but they also have duties to the land.This duty is to be sure that the land and its resources are not exploited, but used wisely.Being stewards of the land, the Inupiats represent a conservationist's view of nature.They support a cooperation with nature.This is reflected through the mayor's quote above, stating that being the stewards of the land, they have examined all possibilities and found it to be beneficial and safe….

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