Open land stretching for miles in all directions, with on of the worlds greatest natural resource sitting beneath the surface.What is it you ask?It is oil.In Alaska, there are tons of barrels of oil coming out of existing oil production plants, but they will not be giving out as much oil as they once did.
The Prudhoe Bay oil field will soon be drying up and Alaska will need a new place to drill for oil. How will Alaska fulfill this task of gaining more oil.Well there is this land in the northeast corner of Alaska called ANWR, which stands for Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. ANWR is where the oil companies want to drill for oil. There are only a few problems. The Alaska government wants ANWR open but the federal government doesn't want to open ANWR because it will disturb the natural habitat which really annoys the environmentalist.ANWR should be opened for drilling because it will create many new jobs.The environmentalists don't want the oil companies to disturb the natural habitat, but Prudhoe Bay has been operating for 17 years without any detectable environmental damages, and everyone would be able to gain economic wealth.
One reason Alaska should open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is because it will create many new jobs. Many people who are high in political authority say Alaska should open ANWR for jobs.Senator Murkowski and Ted Stevens want ANWR open for the jobs it would create. And George Bush wanted Alaska to drill because it would help his energy strategy, which would create new jobs. The oil companies say that there is probably oil located beneath the ground in the ANWR, and if there were oil down there that Alaska could drill, the oil companies would have to build new plants to bring up the oil, so they would need more workers which would mean new jobs for Alaskans. Tony Knowles said that "maintaining the land Alaskans love as I am about maintaining jobs so we can live here."1…

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