Anwar Sadat and his Contributions to Peace

On almost every continent of the world, certain issues threaten to- or already do- disrupt the fundamental right to peace which every person possesses. World leaders have the responsibility of protecting this right both within the boundaries of their state and outside of them. Few people have been as successful at promoting or achieving peace as former Egyptian president, the late Anwar al-Sadat. To be sure, hardly anyone in history made an impact on peaceful diplomacy that is as lasting as his; Sadat's accomplishments are still affecting the ongoing struggle for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Before one can understand the extent of Sadat's efforts and their part in the current Middle East peace process, he must understand what exactly Sadat did during his legendary lifetime, and then later he can see how the lesson of Anwar al-Sadat's legacy could be vital to the achievement of peace in other conflicts, such as the one between China and Taiwan.
The honorable steps President Sadat took toward peace between Egypt and Israel are famous, but few realize just how momentous they are. When Anwar al-Sadat participated in the overthrow of King Faruk in 1952, no one guessed that the new government was just 25 years away from making one of the biggest diplomatic breakthroughs in history. Upon the death of his close friend Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1970, Sadat was elected to the presidency of Egypt. Seven years later, after a failed attempt to recapture the Sinai peninsula from Israeli troops occupying the region, Sadat made an unprecedented move among Arab nations; putting diplomacy ahead of further military action, Sadat traveled to Jerusalem and proposed that Egypt would become thefirst Arab country to recognize Israel on the condition that Israeli troops leave the Sinai peninsula. With the help of mediators, Sadat secured a peace treaty in two short years. Sadat showed courage in the face of what he rightfully s…

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