Antisocial Behavior and Hypera

Is it possible to detect Antisocial Behavior and Hyperactivity (ABH) problems in children at an early age? If so, what can be done to help these children become successfully educated adults? According to a journal in Education & Treatment of Children, v24 i3 p294 (15), titled "Early detection of Students with Antisocial Behavior and Hyperactivity Problems", dated August 2001, it is possible to detect ABH in young children before adulthood. If educators are able to detect the signs of ABH in students, then they will be able to get them the proper help they need in order for them to become successful students, which in turn gives them a bases for success in adulthood.
There are several signs of ABH in young children. Some of the most apparent signs include persistent violations of normative behavior patterns, verbal and physical aggression, and coercive, defiant, non compliant behavior are some signs of ABH. Unfortunately these children are simply labeled "trouble makers", and are often treated as delinquents rather then as children with a psychological disorder. Because they are simply dismissed with a label, they don't get the proper help they need and often end up dropping out of school in theirfirst year of high school. As young children in school, students that suffer from ABH also show signs such as poor interpersonal skills, leading to rejection by their peers. As well as, limited problem solving skills, leading to academic under achievement, and a low rate of academic engaged time. Most of all, they suffer from serious attention problems. This, unfortunately, is all too commonly dismissed as, "attention deficit disorder", rather than ABH.
In order to determine whether ABH was able to be detected in children at an early age, a 5 year study was conducted in Southern California. 104 5th grade students, identified by a team of 3rd grade teachers from …

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