antilegalization of Marijuana

Dear Congressman, I am honored to be writing to you on such a significant
topic of national concern. Average citizens are annoyed and just plain fatigued
with the drugs and crime problems in America. These upright citizens, that
contribute to the growth of American society, are being told that legalization is
a reasonable alternative to dealing with these problems in their communities.
Legalization of any drug is not a positive way to fight crime. In fact, there is no
legitimate reason to legalize drugs. The Legalization of marijuana is the starting
point of the pro-legalization of drugs movement. The issue of legalizing
marijuana is truly a controversial one, and certainly one that requires a plethora
of considerations at the top levels of the legislative branch. When considering
the possibility of legalizing marijuana as a recreational drug, there are a number
of concerns that come to mind. Is marijuana physically harmful to the user? Is
marijuana an addictive drug? Does the use of marijuana lead to dependency
situations? Does it act as “gateway” to more hazardous drugs? Does the notion
of legalizing marijuana send an immoral, wrong message to the youth of
America? Mr. Congressman, the answer to all these questions is YES.
According to the DEA (1998), the supreme ruler of drug knowledge in
America, there are over 10,0…

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