Antibiotic Resistance: Predictable or Preventable

We have all had those mornings where we wake up and we have a sore throat. This in time is followed by a cough, sniffle and sneeze. At last, life as we know it has changed in our minds and we are comparable to the Titanic. Our body's immunological ship is sinking, and the lifeboat that we will choose to cling onto is antibiotics. Antibiotics are a medication that everyone knows regardless of social standing, and regardless of what our illness is we need antibiotics, or do we. Just for a second suppose that your doctor refused to give you antibiotics because he does not think it would help. How would you accept his diagnoses?
The human population, in which I am part, is very unaware of the biological warfare that is be waged every single day inside of us. Since 1929 and the revolutionary discovery of penicillin, society has become absolutely dependant on antibiotics. Most of the population chooses to only go to the doctor when they are sick and then presume to know exactly what is ailing them. As a species, we must change our thought process in reference to antibiotics before it is too late. We must change several things in order to try to stop the run away train of antibiotic resistant strains of bacterial infections.
To begin with, society must become aware of the fact that we live in a bacteria filled environment, regardless of all the antibacterial publicity on television and scattered throughout the media. Whether it is the enterococcal bacteria inside of our intestine, or the staphylococcal bacteria on our skin or even the streptococcal in our nose and mouth we have it all. The truth is that there are more bacteria in and on our bodies than there are people on this Earth. The idea of living in a bacteria free world may be wonderful to some people but it is a pipe dream that will never be possible and even if it were possible, it would have catastrophic ramifications. With many of the antibacterial cleaners the only t…

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