Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotics use to be the talk of the medical world just fifty years go, now the talk is about trying to find a better antibiotic than the ones they came up with less than a five decades ago. Antibiotic Resistance has taking the world by storm. The abuse and excessive use of antimicrobials may be driven by ignorance, by not enough surveillance for resistance and by the error of suitable use by health care suppliers, patients, and families
These days' physicians rely on antibiotics to make effective recoveries for peoples infections and viruses. There presently are more than 100 antimicrobial agents available in the U.S. They do away with infections by either destroying microorganisms, or by undermining the ability of these microorganisms to reproduce. [2] Antimicrobials have transformed our ability to treat many infectious diseases that were killers only a few decades ago. The increasing use of antimicrobials in humans, animals, and agriculture has resulted in many pathogens developing resistance to these powerful drugs. All viruses, fungi, parasites, and bacteria can become resistant to antimicrobials. [3] In using Antimicrobial Products, the public presumes that antibacterials can sterilize the home environment and perhaps even fight off infections. On the other hand, studies have shown that these agents can produce changes in hospital flora; therefore their presence in many household products may be contributing to antibiotic resistance. [2]
STDs are among the many infectious diseases in which antimicrobial resistance has a clinically significant impact. [5] More than 15 million Americans acquire at least one new STD each year, many of which may acquire more than one STD, are unaware of their infection, or both.Gail Bolan, MD, of the San Francisco Department of Public Health has said that patients with a recurring STD have been reinfected by an untreated partner, where as it may be a case of resistance-related treatmen…

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