America's global dominance has faced a lot of criticism for actions ranging from the Vietnam War to the aid for Israel and the sponsorship of globalization across the World to the authoritarianism of people for the U.S. governments' own personal agenda (Cooper 1). Anti-Americanism is more than just an hatred to the United States; it is the belief that Americanism (media, values, world power dominance) destroys culture and existing traditional ways of life (Chianese 9). One of the main reasons behind these beliefs come from the fact that the USA has bombed, suppressed Islamic nations and restricted them financially, commercially and politically(Chianese 10). Few nations, ethnicities or cultures are untouched by globalization. A mood of resentment toward America and its scandolus behaviour around the world has become so common in Middle Eastern countries that it is bound to breed hostility, hatred, and then renewed physical violence. With domination such as this, it is no wonder that there is an increasing amount of Anti-Americanism throughout the world.
“When asked to pick one “main reason why those who attacked us and their supporters hate the United States,” the reasons given most often were
1. “our democracy and freedom” (26%) and
However, almost as many believe the main reason is
3. “our values and way of life” (20%), and
4. “our influence on the economy and lives of Middle Eastern countries” (17%).
5. Only 11% believe our economic and military power is the main reason.
First one must define what exactly Anti-Americanism is. Anti-Americanism is an emotion masquerading as an analysis, a morality, an ideal, even an idea about what to do. When hatred of foreign policies ignites into hatred of an entire people and their civilization, then thinking is dead and demonology lives. When complexity of thought devolves into caricature

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