Anti-Terrorism Bill

The senate, in regards to the safety of America, should pass the bill proposed by Ashcroft. Our lives in America are no longer calm and idyllic. We have been struck by these horrid attacks on September 11th, 2001. It is time to struck back and take action and we need to pass the bill to obtain the protection needed for America.
Terrorism is a "clear and present danger to Americans today" and "the American people do not have the luxury of unlimited time in erecting the necessary defenses." Terrorism is a threat to America. We must take action to prevent the terrorists from invading our safety in this country. This bill will help increase security and allow law enforcement to seize suspected terrorists. Our best defense right now is to pass the bill because safety comesfirst in a situation like this.
We need to be more cautious and enhance our security to protect the good citizens in America. We need this bill to authorize search and surveillance. It is stated in section 201 of the bill that they will enforce the Alien Terrorist Removal Procedures. This provision would authorize the INS to deport aliens accused of engaging in "terrorist activities." It is critical to be more vigilant and be aware of all activities around us.The bill will allow broader disclosure of grand jury information. It is important for us to increase our wariness and make sure we will not be attacked by terrorists ever again. The bill serves as our protection in America.
Many people argue, "The civil liberties we value so much as a society are at stake." Although it is often times mentioned that our rights will be violated, it is undeniable to say that America needs this bill. We need examination and protection to give us assurance in this country. The bill is meant to allow authorities to detain individuals only when they are already in violation of the immigration law. It is not meant to shred our constitution or r…

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