Anthropology Final Paper

During the beginning of the semester, I did not find the class very interesting at all.It reminded me too much of a history class.The topics just weren't appealing to me.Learning of how people function in other societies was really boring to me.I am more interested in learning about my own society and the history of it.I feel that would have a bigger impact on me instead of learning about other people's societies.
The class began to get more interesting towards the end of the semester when we started talking about Philadelphia and it's suburbs.I found it very interesting because I already knew about most of the topics.My father works for PHA (Phila. Housing Auth.), and they own all of the projects and various scattered sites throughout the city.As a young child my dad would take my sister and I and drive around the city.He would tell us what used to be where and how nice everything in our neighborhood used to be.
I live in Germantown, so when we began our discussion ofPhiladelphia I knew exactly where
Everything was that we where talking about.Also my family belongs to the Germantown historical Society, so I have learned plenty from that.
When I was in tenth grade we did a city block project.Every student was assigned a block and we had to evaluate that block during three different time periods.This required looking at old maps and plenty of microfiche.The block I was assigned was the 700 block of walnut street.Washington Square was located directly across the street from my block.When we started talking about that I already knew about it.These are the topics that held my interest.
I can't say that my thinking has been affected, but there were plenty of times where I felt connections between class materials and my experiences in the real world.I also felt that the class material was very accurate.Although some of the class was not very interesting. I do feel that m…

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