Anthrax Threat to America

The Anthrax Threat to America
It is August 1 at the A.I.M. building in Palm Beach, Florida. 1000 people are in line to receive protective antibiotics, to be tested for exposure to anthrax – all this after a man, who would later die, was admitted to a local hospital for possible anthrax exposure.Anthrax is a disease caused by bacteria found in livestock. A breakout in Iraq once killed a million sheep. Today at least 17 nations are believed to have biological weapons programs that include weapons grade Anthrax. Research on anthrax use as a biological weapon began 80 years ago. (Thomas)Despite the large possibility of anthrax, there has not been a confirmed case of inhalation anthrax in the United States since 1978. This is why the cases of anthrax that have shown up in recent weeks have come as such a shock and have been met with paranoia.
Despite the long-standing history of Anthrax, for a period it had been forgotten about. Since the beginning of anthrax use as a biological weapon in 1920s, the United States has lost track of which nations have weaponized anthrax. This is one of the major causes for concern. It is known that Iraq one of the United States enemies has produced and weaponized anthrax, (Thomas) but their could be countless other nations and terrorist groups that could obtain it. Another problem involving anthrax is its deadliness. In 1979, the accidental release of anthrax in the former Soviet Union resulted in 79 cases of the anthrax and 68 deaths, demonstrating the lethal potential of anthrax. Anthrax also puts a strain on the economy. At an average cost of$262 per person infected an the fact that if there is a major release of anthrax 88 out of every 100 people would not survive the ensuing sickness despite antibiotics. (Thomas) Some scientists say that a solution to the anthrax threat would be vaccination, but the total vaccination of all of America would be costly and ineffective. The vaccinations only last f…

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