Anthrax in America

Anthrax in America
The greatest country in the world has been in a high state of alert for the past month and a half. People looking above in fear, and people looking around in suspicion. Then one day, a word went across the television that many did not know of, and many did not fear. A worthy opponent of the American way of life had appeared. One that would effect the mail system, cause more fear and panic, and danger the lives of innocent people. This evil foe is called Anthrax.
In the past three weeks or so, everyone has been taking an extra glance at their mail before opening. The stories of innocent Americans opening their mail only to get a powdery cloud and to be infected with Anthrax has everyone trying their best to take care of themselves and their employees. CBS news, ABC news, and CNN are just a few corporations that have suspended incoming mail until they can further evaluate their mail systems (Noonan 38).
In all the panic and fear, there is only one choice U.S. mail has, and that is to keep going. The entire nation's mail cannot just stop. The anthrax problem would be solved, but bills would not be paid, orders would not be given, and important, possibly lifesaving, information would not be received.However, different branches have slowed down to ensure safety (Noonan 38).
On television, you see all the big names telling us what they are doing to fight this scare, but the people who are really dealing with it, are those in the mailroom.A letter comes in saying, "important." A young woman , only three weeks on the job, opens it only to get an infection to which has put her life in danger. (Noonan 38)
However, is this an attack by the same terrorist to which attacked in mid-September? As more and more anthrax cases come up, more and more people point to Usama Bin Laden. If one really thinks on the subject, how difficult would it be to send letters with a false return address with a powder in the…

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