Summary on the above Anthrax article
Scientists are making strides that could lead to a cure to the anthrax toxins, and they are helping to clarify the pathways by which it kills.Some scientists have made a synthetic compound to disable that toxin that makes anthrax so deadly.Others have discovered a gene that protects mice against anthrax.
The antitoxin has only been tested in rats.And so, scientists aren't sure if they will work in humans.Current treatments, and vaccines now in use have some drawbacks.This is why the scientists are trying to work on neutralizing the toxin all together.
In the article they state, that when a person inhales the spores of Bacillus anthracis, they unleash a combo of three proteins that come together to form the toxin.This combo makes the blood pressure plunge, causes hemorrhaging, and can lead to coma and even death.The proteins attack human cells as teams.The article described the process, it starts with one protein called protective-antigen (AP), which binds to receptors on the cell surface and is cleaved by an enzyme.The part that remains is called PA63; this is where the other protein come together.Which are edema and lethal factor. Once this comes together, the lethal factor enters the cell, and chops the proteins up.This is what leads to the symptoms of Anthrax.
Scientist found a peptide that binds to PA63 in lab tests.They linked multiple copies of it together.And in test tube results this molecule, which they call polyvalent inhibitor (PVI), stopped the natural anthrax proteins from binding to the PA63 protein. They injected this into rats, which had ten times the lethal dose of anthrax, and they survived.The rats without the PVI died in hours.
They state antibiotics can kill the B. anthracis, but they can't do anything with the toxins already in the body.There is also a vaccine; it can cause problems as well.It can cause side effects.Mr. …

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