Ant Attack

When younger, I despised bugs of any kind.Although the common ant seemed harmless, this bug too I believed should face death upon my sight.I took delight in squashing anthills full of busy insects at work.I did not realize that though these insects appeared small, unimportant, and even grotesque, they too deserved the chance to survive.The summer before myfirst grade year an abundance of ants appeared around the pool at our home.These pests continually turned my fun-filled swims into troublesome experiences.The ants climbed onto any food or pool toys littered around the pool.When wading through the water, any debris floating across the pool appeared littered with ants that soon crawled onto me.Fully aware that this most common occurrence had to stop, my goal remained to kill off all the bugs.This plan became accomplished quite easily by splashing water around the ants creating small floods.Throughout the summer I paid little attention to the drowning ants.!
One day I became interested in witnessing this unfortunate process.The act I observed I will never forget.Going about my usual procedure I splashed water onto the concrete to drown the small cluster of ants.Most of the insects seemed to die quickly, with little struggle for life.As water flooded over one ant out of the group, another ant still resting the safety of the dry concrete crawled over to his drowning companion and struggled to pull him out of the flooded area.To witness such a extraordinary act as one ant attempting to save another's life was very touching.I still feel guilty for ending the ant's life, although his friend attempted to save him, he ended up dying.
Although the event of killing the ant remains traumatizing, ants really are just pests with little purpose.Many different types of ants exist, with different characteristics.Carpenter ants destroy wood in short amounts of time.They can ruin wood f

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