Answer to the cloning question

In our society today there are many topics that are very controversial and stir up heated arguments. When you think of these issues, things like abortion and the death penalty come to mind. The leaps and bounds made in the advancement of technology that must be discussed and decided upon, this will definitely add to the number of controversies. One major topic that has arisen lately is that of human cloning. The definition of cloning is the production of one or more individual plants or animals (whole or in part) that are genetically identical to an original plant or animal (Robinson Religious Tolerance). Genetic researchers tell us that now it is only a matter of time before this is possible. Ten years ago we would have thought that this was so far fetched that scientists could only dream of ever accomplishing this feat. Now it is almost a reality.
The topic of cloning is a very touchy one because it deals with several other issues, including abortion. Because of this, the majority of Americans, and the rest of the world, do not see human cloning as a good thing. To understand the topic, you mustfirst know exactly how something is cloned from another cell. The best example to show would be the one that made the now famous cloned sheep named "Dolly". First, a cell is taken from a donor, or the person who is to be cloned. Then an unfertilized egg is removed from another donor female. Then the DNA is removed from the donor cell and placed into the donor egg. The egg is then placed back into the surrogate mother where it grows naturally (Robinson Religious Tolerance). When the child is born, it will be a genetic match to the person or animal who donated the original cell or DNA. True human cloning would require taking a somatic cell, as opposed to a reproductive cell such as an egg or sperm cell, from a person and removing its nucleus. The DNA of the somatic cell is transferred to an enucleated egg cell. But this is not c…

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