Another Product of a Nike Society

I have been told that all great men were once rejected by society but that just maybe another lie told to me by society. American society is thought to be simple but it is very contradicting.The common man is told a lie "Try your best and you will make it" and "the American dream is a beautiful one but made with sweat and tears." This is a very interesting notion because most of the people that make it to the "top" today are scum-sucking parasites. Does the honest hard workingman really get more than what he put in?
Physics has defined how efficient a machine is by a simple equation: work input divided by work output. This equation shows how well a machine work. It is often used to decide if a machine can be improved or if it should be replaced. The "John Doe" of our society uses this scale to judge how his job is because he is no better than a machine. When "John Doe" uses this equation he often calculates work output as "comforts" of society. Society also uses this equation to define "John Doe" to see how valuable he is. Societies work input is simply money. In exchange for money society gains more money and lives.
If"John Doe" lives till he is ninety most people would agree that he lived a long life. To really fathom how long John truly LIVED for we must break his life components down into days. An average John sleeps for eight hours a day, which means that john sleeps 1/3 of his life away. This means John is only alive and breathing for a mere sixty years. An average John works for another eight hours. This means that John really does not truly live for 2/3 of his life. During this 2/3 life time John has a couple of kids for which he sacrifices more of his life. So in conclusion John only live for less than 1/3 of his life. Who can say a man who died at twenty-five lived long?
Some people would argue that twenty-five years of living is plenty….

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