Anorexia is a type of eating disorder in which one severely limits his or her food intake.Anorexia can be a single, limited episode in which one looses an immense amount of weight within a few months, or it can develop gradually and continue for many years.It most commonly begins in the teenage years but can occur at any age.For example, it has been diagnosed in a child as young as five years old and a woman as old as sixty.Anorexics have a severe preoccupation with food, which leads to habits such as moving food around on plates and cutting it into tiny pieces.A lot of them engage in this behavior in order to make people think that they are eating and not totally ignoring their food.
There are several factors thought to be linked to anorexia such as emotional causes, family and genetic influences, cultural influences, and biological and medical factors.A lot of anorexics tend to suffer from the psychological disorder called obsessive compulsive disorder in which one suffers from obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors.Anorexics tend to have mothers who are over involved in their lives.They also suffered a lot of problems before or after birth such as, infections, physical trauma, seizures and low birth weight.Anorexia tends to be very common in athletic communities due to excessive exercise.A lot of professional athletes suffer from anorexia in order to retain a muscular boyish shape, which increases their competitive edge.
The symptoms of anorexia vary from mental to physical disturbances of the brain and body.The primary symptom is extreme weight loss as a result of excessive and continuous dieting.Anorexics can either partake in restrictive dieting or binge-eating and purging depending on which type of anorexia they suffer from.If they are restrictive dieters they suffer from restrictive anorexia and if they are binger and purgers they suffer from anorexia bulimia.The most unexplainable

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