Annotated Bibliography

The purpose of this paper is to present a literary review dealing with
nursing as a profession which pertains to health care.There are also five recent scholarly journals that have been specifically chosen, to complete a detailed annotated bibliography.
Mullane,M. (2000). A Glance Back in time: future, higher education, and professional development. Nursing Forum, 35 (4), 41-45.
Throughout this article the author presented information that demonstrated the concern of the future of nursing.She compares the past and present, stating that we are at a junction which is demanding a choice of direction in which way nursing may go.The direction of nursing is unknown especially concerning nursing education.The future of nursing depends upon many different things, it is affected by progress in health care and by it’s past.The scientific social forces that surround it today enforce it.This all rests upon nurses themselves and is shaped by administrators of our health services and by practicing physicians.
The author feels that in the education field of nursing apprenticeship has advantage over other forms of education.She has acknowledged that the graduate is an expert in techniques, however by reinstating the apprenticeship system that was used in the past we will create a greater nurse.
After reviewing the literature it is important to assess the level of expertise of the author.Mullane (2000), at the time of publication, had her RN, PhD, was
Annotated Bibliography:3
Dean of the College of Nursing at the University of Iowa in Iowa City.This journal was also one of many journal articles she has written.
After completing the review of this research article I was able to determine the purpose of this article was to inform individuals that nursing is at a point where changes need to be made.With all th…

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